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Strategic Planning


We recommend an assessment before launching or continuing a public relations campaign that is aligned with your business plans.  Here are the steps we take:

PR Strategy

Assess your communications. Is your business just entering a market? Are you facing increased competition?  Do you have a new product or service to share? Whatever your situation, we’ll define your position and plot where you want to go.

Access your online presence. We all make impressions on the Internet. What are you saying online? Is it aligned with your business? Are you optimized for searches?

Target audiences. Once we learn who you want to target, we determine where they’ll find your information.

Key objectives. Together we make a list of goals for your public relations campaign.

Key messages & key words. We craft optimized statements and words about your business that speak to your audiences.


PR Tactics. Content Generation Campaigns. Content Marketing. We reach your audiences in interpersonal and interactive ways. They involve both traditional relationship building and interactive, social media.

Tactic timetable. We plot your tactics on a timetable and meet those deadlines.


Measurement. We define the success of your PR strategy and campaigns through measurement. We select a benchmark metric and track it.


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