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Phimation Strategy Group Helps Michigan Stage 2 Companies Grow

Ann Arbor, Mich., September, 07 – Phimation Strategy Group -- a management training, coaching, and consulting firm -- has opened Fall registration for its Stage 2 Insight program aimed at helping the growth of Michigan’s companies. The specialized training provides invaluable lessons and tools for companies wanting to transition from entrepreneurship to enterprise.

Stage 2 companies have the potential to evolve into bigger organizations and provide much-needed job growth in Michigan. These companies typically have been in business five years or more, range in revenue from $5 to $50 million, and have ten to 100 employees. They are still nimble enough for fast growth, but leaders usually don’t stop to learn how to break the Stage 2 barrier.

“Stage 2 companies reach a point of sustainability and think that means further growth is going to be easier, but find instead that it’s even more difficult. Stage 2 is much more complex than earlier stages, and a significant shift in mindset is required to deal with that complexity. We help leaders shift their thinking and planning to get back on track,” said, Dave Haviland, Chief Execute Officer of Phimation Strategy Group.

The Stage 2 Insight Program offers a self-guided workshop, 12 webinars and a focused multimedia resource guide to help companies focus on strategies for business growth, increased sales, effective human resources, and efficient cost management.

The next Stage 2 Insight Program takes place on Friday, September 23. The registration fee is a one time charge of $997.  Click here for more information and registration.

About Phimation:
Phimation Strategy Group is a management training, coaching, and consulting firm located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The Group focuses on Stage 2 Companies – those who have grown beyond the initial start-up team and are now focused on long-term value rather than day-to-day survival. The Group’s goal is to help companies grow by offering a variety of programs, presentations, tools and consulting. Phimation works virtually and onsite with Stage 2 companies. Visit: