Detroit News: A great story on creative companies growing in downtown Detroit. We support and participate in this growth!

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Industry trade publications rock. We at MessageCoach Public Relations appreciate their special role in journalism to keep target markets up-to-date on niche business trends.

I used to write for a trade magazine, School Transportation News, and it was such a great experience. As a reporter, I got to meet most of the movers and shakers in the school bus industry who are really making a difference for students. I admired all of the businesses that worked hard to provide technology, services and products to keep students safe on the buses. Schools, law enforcement, governments and student groups also played roles in the news cycle.

The experience really prepped our team to work on the other side – promoting organizations that need recognition in niche industries. In our public relations work, we’re now engaging trade magazine editors in so many verticals – hospitality trades, environmental business trades, healthcare IT trades, technology trades, aerospace-aviation trades and apparel trades. There’s a publication for just about any business category. While their topics are wide ranging, trade publications need good content to keep their industries informed and readers engaged.

Be sure to check out editorial calendars of your industry trades and plan your media pitches way ahead of the long lead deadlines. Consider contributing content and sharing your thought leadership in your unique areas of the industry. Keep in touch with editors and attend events – such as trade shows — where you can get to know them in person.

If you want more information or advice on how to engage them, give us a call.

While social media is tugging at the attention of news seekers, we truly believe they won’t stray too far from their niche business communities. So again, hurray for trade industry publications.

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We work on behalf of many clients to promote their companies, programs and events. That’s what we do every day at MessageCoach Public Relations. But one of our favorite commitments is giving back to the community.

It’s so true that when you give, it comes back to you ten times strong. We are proud of the pro bono work we’ve achieved for many worthy causes and dynamic groups.

In Battle Creek, we provide pro bono services to the Generation E Institute (GenEI) and its Annual Student Business Showcase. The event allows young entrepreneurs showcase and sell their inventions. The Generation E Institute (GenEI) is a non-profit that has developed unique and innovative curricula that help create an entrepreneurial mindset in individuals so they can compete in an ever-changing economy. We love participating with this group and watching the young business people succeed.

This summer we’re promoting the Walker Tavern Wheels, a vintage baseball team sponsored by the historic stagecoach inn based in the Irish Hills. The team has been together three years, and they bring hundreds of visitors to the Walker Tavern Historic site, which is managed by Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources. With state budget constraints, we do what we can to promote this special historic gem in Michigan and a great bunch of baseball players.

In the past, we’ve also provided pro bono services to, a volunteer group that educates the community about Detroit’s historic charter revision process. The Detroit Charter Revision Commission is sending the document to the State of Michigan for review before placing it on the city’s ballot for a citizen vote in November 8, 2011.

We’ve also provided pro bono services to the New Enterprise Forum in Ann Arbor, the Annual Collaboration for Entrepreneurship in Ann Arbor, and the Michigan Homeland Security Consortium.

For all of these good deeds, we’ve made friends, supported many excellent groups and had a lot of fun. Our advice? If you really want to build good relationships and a good reputation, give back to your community and your industry.

We’re always looking for good causes to support. Have any suggestions for MessageCoach Public Relations or its partner organizations?

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Welcome to blog entry number one from MessageCoach Public Relations. This is a great opportunity to tell you about our practice, which started six years ago with a mission to help organizations share their stories with others face-or-face or through the latest technologies.

We are in business to help our clients grow a business or bring a community together or launch something different. Our approach to public relations is both interpersonal and interactive.  That’s what sparked the trio of words in our logo: “people,” “words,” “technology.”

Support your marketing and business strategies
A strategic public relations campaign starts with objectives that align with your business plan and marketing  strategies. After determining who you want to reach, we put together the news that will travel through a variety of channels. And there so many ways to communicate these days! (Sometimes head spinning advancements.)

These vast choices give us lots of room for creativity. While we are up on the latest technology trends, we still believe in traditional public relations – newsworthy stories, in-person networking, productive press conferences or meetings, and one-on-one interactions.

We help you figure out which of them will yield the best connections to share your news, inform your audiences, gather input, or respond to an inquiry.

PR for Entrepreneurs and Emerging Enterprises

We’re based in Michigan (Detroit and Battle Creek) where we have worked onsite or virtually with both large (Fortune 500) and small organizations. But our sweet spot is promoting innovators or the up-and-coming in a variety of industries. We have a range of clients involved in exciting projects within economic development, entrepreneurship, emerging technologies, and fast growing organizations. It’s been an honor to tell their stories and watch them reach their goals.

We have fun at what we do, even on challenging days. So with this first blog entry, we invite you to take a closer look at us, ask some questions or share some of your stories.

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